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Hydra Gator

Our newest amphibious vehicle! A golf cart styled 4x4 utility vehicle perfect for off-road cruising, playing on the golf course, and more

Amphibious Responder

A first responding search and rescue vehicle designed for local, national, and global response to emergency situations worldwide

Hydra Spyder

The Hydra Spyder provides sports car performance on land and explosive power on the water


The H2OEX is an all terrain, 4 wheel drive, rugged beast both in and out of the water


The Hydra-Terra is a proven performer with successful operations around the world

Landing Craft

Shore to Shore Transporter of Equipment and Machinery Boat Only.


Creating unique and specialized amphibious vehicles is our trademark.


Three-wheel reverse trike capable of getting 90 miles per gallon. Road only.

Terra Wind

Luxurious Amphibious Motorcoach that is as comfortable on the lake as it is on the land.


Underwater with the Marineland Hydra-Terra in the Cayman Islands

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Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International, LLC

CAMI is proud to introduce our newest amphibious vehicle, the HYDRA GATOR!
Learn more here and check out the video here

Coming Soon…

#9 “Daddy Gator”, An Extreme, Off Road, 6X6, Fast Amphibious Vehicle

Welcome to CAMI

Hydra Gator Hydra Gator

We specialize in designing, creating, and manufacturing original custom built amphibious and non-amphibious vehicles for both the commercial and recreational markets. Our amphibious vehicles possess the patented safety feature of being unsinkable thus making us unique. All of our amphibious vehicles are UNSINKABLE due to our patented and patent pending use of positive floatation foam.

Amphibious Responder Hydra Terra

Our objective is to focus research and development on providing safe and reliable vehicles that are attractive to companies and consumers. It is CAMI’s goal to be the industry leader in focusing on these objectives and being the first to manufacture innovative designs reflecting these trends. CAMI conforms to the stringent rules of the ABS, DOT, EU, MCA, NHTSA, SAE, USCG , and other marine and safety authorities.

CAMI Plant in SC

Visit our Brochure page to download brochures on our vehicles.

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